“Alan evokes freshness in his work, in his approach to life, and in his spirit.”

Alan Fetterman

Who is
Alan Fetterman?

Alan Fetterman, a highly recognized and award-winning American artist, produces work sought and collected for continuing the Pennsylvania and Bucks County impressionist and plein air traditions.

As a painter, sculptor, and poet, he's traveled extensively throughout the Americas and abroad, living and learning cultural values and old-world aesthetics.

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Golden Leaves

Saturday, November 26th, 2016
41 E. State Street in Doylestown, PA 18901 (across from the County Theater)

One man, one month A month-long long pop-up art gallery featuring a dynamic body of work that will exhibit Alan Fetterman's paintings, sculpture, and prose in...

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"Viewing an Alan Fetterman painting is a wake-up call to your senses. You begin to realize you are suddenly aware of the temperature, the feel of the sunlight, and the scent of the winds and flowers. It takes only a few moments further to realize, not only have you entered the painting...it has now become a part of you." 

— CJ Mugavero, Gallerist. The Artful Deposit Galleries, 1986-present

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