General Colin Powell Presented With Alan Fetterman Painting at Pearl S. Buck International Luncheon

On Friday, October 14th, Pearl S. Buck International held its World Business and Cultural Luncheon where General Colin Powell was the keynote speaker. The event increased awareness of the integration of societies and how important healthy relationships between cultures are today.

Alan Fetterman was asked to create and present a painting specific to General Powell. The painting has four stars depicted in a night sky to symbolize a four-star general overseeing in protective fashion. 

Along with the painting are the written words: Created for General Colin Powell respectfully and in loft through the good work and extraordinary writings of Pearl S. Buck and the Pearl S. Buck Foundation. "Amongst the protective stars, a welcoming home awaits...Children East & West follow the light in night, awakening brightly to that of Christmas Day in the Morning."

General Powell called Alan up to the stage to pose along with him and his new painting. It was a most humbling day.

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