Strength and Liberty: Artist to present 9/11-inspired sculpture to Bucks County; artwork to be displayed at the new courthouse

Bucks Local News, September 2015

Alan Fetterman, one of Bucks County's premier plein air impressionist painters, will unveil an impressive, commissioned sculpture this week at the Bucks County Courthouse. A small ceremony and reception will follow.

Already featured in more than 30 solo-exhibitions, and showcased in more than 150 art galleries world-wide, Fetterman's sculpture takes a bold, new direction in sculpture by capturing "Strength of Liberty" in steel, brass, glass, and gold. Originally created in smaller form immediately following the events of September 11, 2001, this new creation, now in a grander scale, will be donate by the artist and his benefactors as a symbol of strength for the community.

The piece captures the form of an arto deco-influenced figurine holding a gold ball on a wire.

"This is a powerful representation of what I hope my art encapsulates," said Fetterman. 'Strength of Liberty' is designed to bare witness and reflect some of our nation's best and highest principles: an artistic reflection of our collective need for strength, brightness, and improvement, a spiritual clarity, and a united presence supported by everyone. I created 'Strength of Liberty' as a symbol of freedom, love, and fortitude for all. It's a spherical form of faith held high."

Fetterman is a noted scholar with an associate's degree from Bucks County Community College and a bachelor's in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. He channels a unique appreciation for nature and knowledge into intuitive forms of collectible art, mostly paintings and sculpture. Alan's work shines with bright, bold colors that inspire hundreds of people to collect his creations for both private and public display.

One collector and friend, Geoffrey Jackson of Montgomery County, commissioned Fetterman to create a piece of art that would highlight the enduring values of what's best in Bucks County, and to help solidify the embrace and appreciation of local art that he and Fetterman both hold dear.

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