General Colin Powell Presented With Alan Fetterman Painting at Pearl S. Buck International Luncheon

On Friday, October 14th, Pearl S. Buck International held its World Business and Cultural Luncheon where General Colin Powell was the keynote speaker. The event increased awareness of the integration of societies and how important healthy relationships between cultures are today. Alan Fetterman was asked to create and present a ... [ Read More ]

Making an Impression

— Suburban Life Magazine, October 2015

Award-winning American artist Alan Fetterman creates highly sought-after work collected for its continuance of the Pennsylvania and Bucks County impressionist and plein air traditions As a painter, sculptor and poet, Alan Fetterman has traveled extensively throughout the Americas and abroad, living and learning cultural values and Old World aesthetics. Travels ... [ Read More ]

Strength and Liberty: Artist to present 9/11-inspired sculpture to Bucks County; artwork to be displayed at the new courthouse

— Bucks Local News, September 2015

Alan Fetterman, one of Bucks County's premier plein air impressionist painters, will unveil an impressive, commissioned sculpture this week at the Bucks County Courthouse. A small ceremony and reception will follow. Already featured in more than 30 solo-exhibitions, and showcased in more than 150 art galleries world-wide, Fetterman's sculpture takes ... [ Read More ]

Contemporary Impressions

— Gettysburg College, January 2015

A little over ten years ago, Geoffrey Jackson '91 attended a local gallery showing in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, which featured the work of Alan Fetterman, one of the premier plein air impressionist painters in Bucks County. "I had the opportunity to speak with Alan and get to know him," said Jackson, ... [ Read More ]

Heritage Conservancy Stages Alan Fetterman Fine Art Exhibition at Aldie Mansion

— The Bucks County Herald, November 2014

Heritage Conservancy has announced that it will transform its historic Aldie Mansion headquarters for two days for a gallery of fine art that celebrates the beauty of Bucks County. Alan Fetterman, one of Bucks County's premier plein air impressionist painters, will exhibit over twenty pieces of his artwork at the ... [ Read More ]

Geoffrey Jackson ’91 commissions lasting gift

— Gettysburg College, October 2014

Each year, thousands of visitors pour through the Admissions building. Many, even decades later, keep with them memories of that visit. Geoffrey Jackson '91 returned to the Admissions building 25 years after his first visit to unveil two works of art he commissioned for the College that will forever live ... [ Read More ]

New talent freshens Artful Deposit's Delaware River exhibit

—, July 2013

The Artful Deposit Gallery has been flourishing under the watchful eye of its owner, C.J. Mugavero, for 27 years. Patrons and collectors have come to rely on her stable of accomplished artists and recurring theme shows. For this current exhibit of scenes along the Delaware, she's added a spark of ... [ Read More ]

Alan Fetterman

— Bucks County Magazine, Fall 2012

For Bucks County artist Alan Fetterman, "The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable." That sentiment, penned by early 20th century artist Robert Henri, is one Alan aspires to every day. In 1998, he was on the threshold of his career ... [ Read More ]

Alan Fetterman – A Lifetime of Artistic Challenges

— Dtown/Radius Magazine, November 2011

For years, Alan Fetterman traveled the world, landing everywhere from Europe to South America. But far from leisurely vacations, his jaunts were tuned to a specific agenda: to explore, observe and document. With sketchbook in hand, Fetterman tirelessly captured the array of cultures he encountered, translating them on paper in ... [ Read More ]

The Ancient SPA

— Panorama - Nouveau Magazine, May 2008

As one who embraces philosophy, I am often asked why I waste my time with such an obscure field. In fact, for some people, the idea of studying philosophy is akin to watching apples fall from a tree; yet for others, the sight of falling apples can well result in ... [ Read More ]


— Panorama - Nouveau Magazine, December 2008

Irony is a contrary part of life. Everyone perceives irony from time to time, but these incongruities seem to occur most regularly in relation to the more intense and passionate experiences in life. The iconic pop artist Andy Warhol once said, "I am deeply superficial." The oxy-moronic statement is brilliant ... [ Read More ]

Musical Journey

— Panorama - Nouveau Magazine, June 2002

On one level, music is entertaining, creates atmosphere and stirs human emotions. On another level, music offers insight into and knowledge of the human experience. It is often called the universal language and understandably so. In one way or another, everyone has experienced its ability to transform. Music provides a ... [ Read More ]

Light on the Arts

— Panorama - Nouveau Magazine, June 2002

The arts are humanity's soulful reflections pouring forth, and in many ways they are a huge part of the social strength of a civilization. In fact, a nation's greatness can be readily gauged by its ability to inspire, nurture and promote the arts. So it is unfortunate that during these ... [ Read More ]

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